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Once bitten, always smitten

I just started reading the Twilight saga, yeah, loser right? The book has been out so long and I just started reading it while half the population of the world has probably finished all the four books but if that’s the case, more than half the girls in my class are a bunch of losers too since we all started to read it together at about the same time. Okay, whatever, the fact is that I was oblivious to the popularity of this saga and just thought of reading it due to my obsession with all things vampire. I really liked Twilight although some times Bella and Edward can be a bit too mushy for me but that’s just my unromantic nature taking the best of me. I like the way Edward strokes Bella’s cheeks, how he gets jealous when Jacob talks to Bella or any other guy in fact, and I like how he stalked her and watched her sleep at night, it’s so sweet *blushes* . OMG! OMG! What am I turning into?!? I blame the unending loads of homework my lecturers are throwing at me that stressed me out so much until my personality switches are now going hair wire.

Anyway, the point is when I was about to finish the book, I noticed that a lot of my female classmates are also reading it and going ga ga over the super sexy, super smart and perfectly extremely super fine Edward Cullen. Jeez, I really have to stop this mindless obsession of mine before I further embarrass myself. Then I started hating the book, weird I know, but I have this unexplainable natural reaction to dislike anything that the majority likes (like High School Musical for example, I just don’t get what’s so great about that dumb movie). It probably makes me feel special, to hate everything that everyone else likes or maybe I’m just wired differently. I started despising the book, it felt so overrated to me and all of a sudden I feel like a person who I’ll usually make fun of, I felt like like a sell out (you know, like Avril but that’s just my opinion). I really wanted to stop reading it before I turn into a mindless zombie who thinks that if everyone else likes it, then it must be great but the temptation to finish the book and find out what happens was too strong to resist so in the end Stephanie Meyer’s writing talents prevailed and I ended up finishing the book.

So there you have it, I lost. I’m officially a sell out. Okay, I’m being dramatic, I refuse to admit to the fact that the book is actually really good and that I have a soft side, urgh I’m being so…so…un-me…I still hate the fact that so many people like this book but I hate myself even more for being so drawn to it. But then again I’m contradicting myself since most of the books I read are mostly bestsellers, okay I don’t know where I’m going with this post. I don’t know how to put how I feelings into words….I need a mind check, this is probably one of the effects of reading Twilight. Edward has messed up my mind big time.

I need to forget about Twilight for now (although I’m listening to the movie’s official soundtrack) and tell you, my wonderful readers (if there are any) that I will be dedicating my next few posts to all things vampire. FYI, this has nothing to do with Twilight okay, I just love vampires in general.

eddie_rawwwrrrWhere can I find my own Edward? *sigh*


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