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Is there anyone besides myself who thinks that its hard to find clothes with style and quality in sandakan? In case you’re not from Sandakan, its a little town located in the state Sabah in Malaysia. And in contrast to popular believes, the people here do not live on trees although Sandakan is famous for its primates. Okay, back to the clothes. I never quite enjoyed shopping here and its not because there aren’t enough clothing stores. I mean its just that the clothes that they sell are kinda bleh. They’re so ‘in’ that I have difficulty putting them on or matching them with my other outfits. Maybe its me, maybe cause I prefer the simple ‘girl next door’ attire instead of the ‘sexy almost slutty vixen look’ most girls are aiming for right now. Okay, maybe not ‘sexy almost slutty’ but more like a umm…harajuku girl?

But that’s not all, the clothes are so low in quality that after you washed them a few times, they’ll start to change shape and sometimes even colour. I once owned a green shirt (god knows where it is right now) that turned orange after being washed in the washing machine. How the hell did that happen! I’m sure it wasn’t bleach. Most of the clothing brands sold here are unheard of and judging by the type of material and sewing quality of the clothes, I don’t have to wonder why. The clothes are not sewed to fit a human body snugly. There are shirts with one sleeve longer than the other and even¬†zips that lean towards the left side of your crotch or pants that make a girl look like she has a penis. Instead of making me feel confident and attractive, these clothes make me feel awkward and stupid.

The places which you can find quality clothing at affordable prices are at large supermarkets. Brands like cheetah, BUM and forest are usually sold here and they’re not too bad looking. The only sad back is that everyone else has the same shirt/pants as you, including grandmas.

But all hope is not lost, there are some clothing stores in sandakan that sales clothes that deliver functional style and quality. The only thing is they are on the pricey side but personally I won’t mind paying a few extra bucks for clothes that would last. Call me materialstic whatever, maybe I am but there’s nothing worse than buying a shirt that shrinks 3 sizes smaller after a visit to the washing machine.



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