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Normal is what we aim for

I’m sick and tired of tons of stuff, like how the Malaysian public transport systems are never efficient and how food keeps getting stuck on the brackets of my braces and sometimes even how my dog won’t stop barking at each person who walks by my house, but these are stuff that I can tolerate and bite my tongue on. (Mind you, I do have a moderate tolerance level, except when it comes to stupid people) There’s just this one thing that I can’t take anymore, that’s how certain people think it’s weird, lame or dumb I am just because I’m not like them. I believe in the notion that we should all stay true to ourselves and never let others determine who we should be and what we should do and I like to convince myself that I don’t give a rat’s about what people think about me but truth is even the best of us give a damn although we say we don’t.

It really annoys me when someone asks me why I choose to do something that they won’t ever in a gazillion years do. I think it’s a dumb question to which I would love to say,”because  I’m not you, moron! I’m me, we’re different and we do different stuff! For the love of pies, GROW A BRAIN!”

I think people who ask me questions like that are people who think they’re cool and that only things they do/like/hate are acceptable in human society where everyone is a cheap version of everyone else. Like say, they like flirting with guys on weekends while I like to attend talks on global issues, so that makes me a loser. I am a  loser because I’m interested in world issues, I am a loser because I actually care about what’s going on, I am a loser for not being ignorant, I am a loser for not living in my own little delusional world where what happens to the world has nothing to do with me, I am a loser because I’m wasting my weekend on a boring activity when I could be burning my cash in the mall. Wow, I’m a really big LOSER! I better dig a hole and hide in there until I become ‘cool’ and ‘air-headed‘ ‘acceptable’.

I know I sometimes judge people and call them weird when they do something that’s un-normal to me (I’m trying to change that, really I am) but still having people asking me why I choose to do things that are uncool to them is so annoying it’s almost unbearable. There’s nothing wrong if we don’t share the same interest or the same views on life, but making fun or giving faces to someone because they are different from you is just plain shallow. I personally find it really offending when people make fun of my family values just because their family isn’t as close knitted as mine. I call my parents on a daily basis because I actually enjoy talking to them and I spend weekends with my family and not hoping from club to club with my friends because I like spending time with them. Just because you don’t report to your parents on your daily activities (which I willingly do everyday) because you want to exert your independence (whatever…) doesn’t make me lame. We have different priorities, that’s all. It’s nature’s law that no two person are ever identical in mind or in spirit. (hmm, sounds deep)

So, the conclusion is, grow up and stop thinking that there’s a standard to measure normal-ness among people because whatever is it that you consider to be normal, it never is.

p.s. it’s not lame to participate in charity events or trying to do your part in this hostile world, I think it’s rather coolio 😉


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  1. Who the heck are so stupid to hurt one because they are different?
    Be yourself ok?
    Don’t bother about whatever people say.
    You yourself that make me appreciate you as a friend.
    Don’t change and be someone else.
    And don’t care about those people.
    Heck, you are thousands time better than them.

    P/s : I do call my parents everyday. It make me feel so relief after a bad day at college (everyday is a bad day at college)

    Comment by Nevva Winter | February 19, 2009

  2. sepa orang tu??? u seem to be very angry with those person ehh… calm down girl! it’s nothing wrong to be urself…. dun bother them so much and juz be urself… take care! 🙂

    Comment by weefong | February 20, 2009

  3. thx u guys for the support! really appreciated!

    Comment by irisinc | February 24, 2009

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