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It’s frustrating how people from Peninsula Malaysia perceive people of east Malaysia to be like. I’ve heard that west Malaysians thought that east Malaysians live on trees and are really really undeveloped but I never took it seriously since I didn’t know that people can be that dumb but alas, I was proven wrong after I started college in the west. I was really shocked at how ‘technologically inadvance’ these west Malaysians think we east Malaysians are and between you in I, I feel kind of insulted too but let’s not dwell on that. If we were really that ‘way behind’ compared to you snobby, ignorant, arrogant west Malaysians, then how do you think we can post blogs (like this for example), watch the same TV programmes as you and how on earth do you think we arrived at your side of the country??? By hanging on the claws of a giant eagle? I’m sorry if I’m exaggerating (blame my patriotism to my state) but it really irks me to know that west Malaysians think so lowly of us. Sure, I know our public transport aren’t as advanced as your beloved LRT and Monorails and yes, we don’t have any famous twin towers here either but we’re not Tarzan okay?

So, once again I have compiled a list of things you should know about east Malaysia especially Sabah since so many west Malaysians seem to have developed a misconception towards us.

  1. We don’t live on trees or share our houses with Orang Utans just because Sabah is famous for their Orang Utan Wildlife Preserve. We have normal houses just like west Malaysians do, you know apartment complexes, bungalows and etc. Wow, you’re shocked, aren’t you? Don’t worry, take your time to digest this new piece of information, I know its hard to believe. *hurls* Anyhow, we do have long houses in the interior parts of the state that are occupied by our natives but before you can look down on them, they have Astro and their tradition and culture is way cooler than most I know. So, ’nuff said!
  2. We have malls and highways and everything in between. You know malls, where people go to buy stuff, yeah we have that too. Here’s a picture if you want proof.
  3. 3. Our method of speaking Malay is not weird, your way is just wrong. I believe we’ve been thought how to pronounce our ‘a, e, i, o, u’ since kindergarden and ‘a’ is suppose to sound like ‘a’ not ‘e’.

    4. We have Astro. We know what are sattelites. We have TVs in our home and we don’t just watch RTM and TV3, we have a life too, you know.

    5. We lead our lifes in similar ways to west Malaysians. We hang out with friends, we like to drive around in our cars and we study the same syllabus in school. By the way, not all Sabahans are dark skinned, I’m no Snow White but I don’t think I’m dark either, more like a light shade of yellow or brown or erm some human skin color that isn’t dark.

    6. We don’t feel isolated from the rest of the country. Even though Sabah and Sarawak are separated from the other states, we are perfectly happy where we are and I personally like it that way.

    To all my west Malaysian friends who’s reading this post, no offence, okay guys? I’m sure not all west Malaysians are like these, just the annoying ones. Most of the west Malaysians I’ve met are really cool and I still love you guys and I don’t mind answering questions on my state, just make sure you don’t ask anything stupid.


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  1. wowness!~
    at least your mall is much better than kelantan’s.
    so, i suggest you not to come shopping at kelantan.

    Comment by n!ck~ | November 4, 2008

  2. lolz…i share your pain…that is exactly how people from perlis(like yours truly) are perceived to be.

    So lets just prove them wrong shall we?

    Comment by Ian Liew | December 4, 2008

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