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It’s just a friggin concert!!!

Okay people get a hold of this ridiculous news:

Malaysian Islamic party to protest rocker Lavigne concert

“Malaysia’s conservative Islamic party has said it will mount protests at Canadian rocker Avril Lavigne’s concert here Friday, after failing to have it banned.

The concert is an insult to Islam as the fasting month of Ramadan is due to start just a few days later, said Nasrudin Hassan of the Pan Malaysian Islamic Party PAS.

“A concert of this nature is not conducive to teach the younger generation to become good citizens, upright and competitive, but instead would weaken them morally and mentally,” he said in a statement.

“If the concert organisers do not heed this warning to cancel the concert, PAS youth will order all Muslim youth to turn up and protest the concert in order to prevent it from taking place.”

The Canadian singer is scheduled to perform in the capital, Kuala Lumpur.

Malaysia’s official news agency Bernama reported that the application to hold the concert was originally rejected by the government on the grounds it was submitted too late.

However, it said the cabinet last week agreed to let the concert take place on the condition that the performance was “not a bad influence, especially on the young”.

Last year, US singer Beyonce scrapped a planned concert in Malaysia due to fears of protests, when Gwen Stefani went ahead with a performance but was forced to cover up after complaints about her outfits.”

What do you think? Like what the hell right? What does a music concert have to do with fasting?!? I’m not insulting any religion here but come on people, use your common sense, how are these two completely different things possibly connected? Is there a rule saying you can’t fast or practice your religious obligations if a concert was held in your country a few days ago? And what’s with the whole “morality and not being conducive and destroying our younger generation” thing? Why do they have such a bad perception of Avril or the other international artistes? If you think the way they act is bad or they’re propagandizing some sort of satanic cult, take a good look at out youth today and see if they’re really as stuck-up innocent as PAS like to think they are. We’re not in the middle ages anymore, people today swear, they use foul languages, they talk openly about lots of stuff like sex and some people are gay, bisexual, transsexual, multisexual whatever! The things is, we may not seem as polite or as mannered as the generations before us but we’re not bad people. We’re just more opened and exposed, we don’t feel shy or intimidated to speak up against a lot things now. Malaysians have grown to be more expressive and receptive of different ideas. Listening and enjoying foreign music is already imprinted in us so it is inevitable for us to be influenced by foreign culture but that’s not always bad. We’re already so use to western cultures we even have Malaysian hip-hop artistes and Malaysian bands battling out tunes which resemble a lot of American rock bands. How much more can a concert influce us? Are the youth gonna start a war with the government after attending it? Or are we gonna start carrying guns and do drive-by shootings cause we went to a concert of a non-Malaysian artiste?

I’m not a big Avril fan trying to defend her (although I was a fan before she became all pink, brr) but it really does not make sense, actually it is almost embarrassing. Here we are trying to be an advance country full of citizens with modern minds yet we’ll probably be known as the country that is soooo conservative, you have to be wrapped with a carpet just to sing. Even if a foreign singer was allowed to perform, there can be no showing of body parts except for your limbs and face, no hugging your fans, no excessive jumping or dancing and who knows what other stupid rules there are? Gosh, I would rather play bingo with grannies than go to a concert like that!


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A new place makes a new me

Well not exactly a new me, more like an updated version of me like iris 5000 or something like that. Anyway if you’ve read any of my recent posts, you’ll know that I’ve started college a month ago at a new town, new school with new friends and foes. What? You can’t like everybody nor can everybody like you, it’s just plain human nature. So being away from my family for the first time has definitely brought about some changes in me, mostly good but also some not so good. I’m not sure if these changes had made me a more mature person *ahem* or just more of a pain in the ass. I hope it’s the first one although it is highly unlikely.  So what are these spectacular changes that I have experienced? Well, let’s start from the top.

1. I actually make my own bed every morning (including weekends!) consistently. This is a habit mommy dearest had been trying to force instill into me since I was 7, who knew I’ll actually do it voluntarily everyday even without someone nagging me. It’s almost like…magic. Either that or my mom actually installed a ‘make-your-bed’ microchip inside my brain before I left home.

2. I’m now the self proclaimed queen of microwave. Since students are not allowed to cook in the apartment cause y’all know how clumsy students can be and how that clumsiness can cause us to eventually burn down the entire apartment complex, I have thought myself the methods of cooking with a simple, probably very cheap microwave. Who knew you could cook eggs, sausages and even pasta with that lil’ thing? After cooking with only a microwave for 18 months, I can probably write my own cook book – Microwave cooking 101 for the Lazy Cool College Student. Or I can have my own TV show and be the next Rachel Ray of Malaysia.

3. I do my own laundry and dishes, with my bare hands. It’s times like these when I’m forced to do my own chores that I miss my maid the most. What I would give to have my own washing machine and dish washer here. My poor poor hands are all wrinkly and dry. Don’t tell me it teaches me independence and all that crap okay cause nobody would do their own dishes or wash their own clothes if they had a choice.

4. I take public transport on a daily basis. Does the school bus count as a public transport? It is isn’t it? I mean you have to share it with a bunch of people you’ll probably won’t ever talk to. I hardly took the public transport back home, except when I’m going on a field trip. I used a lot of money on taxis, buses and monorails and most of the time they aren’t comfortable. I really miss my car!!! It is really annoying to have to cram with a bunch of people especially those with bad BO for half an hour just to get to my destination.

5. I go out on school nights. When I was still in my home town, I rarely go out with friends on school night since I’m such a good girl. Now I started going for movies with friends even though I have school the next day. Okay, you probably think I sound like a dork, like what’s the big deal right? You’ve been doing that like forever. Well, I’m not use to it and it’s something new to me. I’m a pretty grounded person and I usually prefer to stay home with a good book. Okay, haha, you can start calling me a loser now.

So I know you were probably hoping to read about more dramatic changes like how I got a dragon tattoo on my left shoulder blade or how I started DJ-ing at the hottest club in town. But, nope, your stuck with this instead. I wish I can post something more interesting but truth is I’m still waiting for that something interesting to happen to me. Until then, ciao.

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