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Get me a car and then we’ll talk

Third week in Casa Subang and I’m starting to get use to life here. I’m getting accustomed to sleeping in a none air-conditioned room and having a roommate. I can’t really complain much about the place since it is new and clean but how can I be me if I don’t complain, right? Anyway, there’s a question only my friends can answer. The thing that I hate most, no wait, hate is a strong word. Okay, the thing that I dislike most here is the traffic jam around Subang. I have to wake up at 6:15 a.m every morning cause the shuttle bus leaves at 7:30 a.m even though classes start at 9:00 a.m. All thanks to the damn traffic, it takes us at least half an hour to reach Taylor’s University College. If I was living next to my college, say like at Myplace Apartment, I could like wake up at say 8:30 a.m every morning. I would have saved 2 hours a day for much needed extra sleeping time. But according to my friends, Myplace is a crappy apartment with tons of insects. So, I guess I just have to give and take. Sacrificing my sleep for a cleaner and more comfortable house. We can’t have everything we want but we can make the best of what we have.

Talking bout making the best of what we have, I am trying really hard to make my small and overly congested room as homey as possible since I’ll be living here for 18 months. I think I did a fairly good job but it still needs much improvement. I intended to put up posters of my favourite bands on the empty walls of my room but there’s this stupid rule that prohibits us from sticking anything on the wall. Sucks, I know. Plus the clothes cabinet is way too small for a girl to store all her clothes in. My old cabinet was four times bigger than the one I have now, so imagine having to squeeze all my clothes into a tiny cramped space. I thought of getting some fancy decorative stuff for my room like cool photo frames, stuff toys and a bean bag, but the things is, my room is just way too small to fit in all those things. My study table is so small I am starting to worry about where the hell am I going to store all my books. Argh!!! I miss my old room and my air-con.

My very messy bed. As you can see, the wall is very empty and depressing.

Making the most out of all the available spaces in my room. Begs and dirty laundry under my bed, among other things.

My tiny study table, half of it being dominated by my printer.

Putting books on my book shelve to make me look more intellectual. Oh wait, is that anime?

The carpet outside the bathroom. I’m wondering why there are 3 pairs of slippers outside the bathroom instead of one. Are my housemates doing something naughty behind my back?¬† *cough* threesome*cough*
Even though Casa Subang isn’t exactly my dream house but it’s good enough. I have cool housemates and Summit Mall is just 5 minutes walk away. So far, everything has been good here but just don’t go anywhere alone. Don’t even go on the lift alone. I don’t want to be racist but there are quite a lot of Africans here and some of them aren’t nice. I’m saying this from a personal experience cause I got bugged by two African dudes on the lift when I was alone. Luckily, nothing happened to me other than being stuck with a scary memory on the lift. But seriously, don’t go anywhere alone especially if you’re a girl.
Okay, on to a lighter topic. I have a very cool English lecturer and a sarcastic but wildly entertaining legal studies lecturer. They really make me look forward to going to class everyday. Hopefully, this continues for the rest of my schooling time in Taylor’s and not just a gimmick the lecturers use to attract students and then torture them with unending boredom later on.
Oh, one last thing before I end this post. I WANT A CAR!!!! I miss driving besides having your own car will be so much more convinient than taking the public transport even though finding a parking spot would be hell but what the heck, I still want a car!

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