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Mi Casa es Tu Casa

My house is your house. A concept I have adopted since moving into my college hostel. Living with a bunch of strangers was something I am getting more and more use to as I adjust to my hectic college life. There’s no more privacy (at least not as much as I use to have) and noisy teenagers coming in and out of my house is as usual as blinking my eyes. There’s no such thing as ‘this is my house’ anymore, your house is your housemates’ house and the house of your friends. Mi casa es tu casa. My house is your house and vice versa.

I first heard this Spanish phrase from a friend of my dad’s when I stayed at his house with his lovely family over the weekends. To make me feel welcome, he and his wife would say ‘mi casa, tu casa’. Who would have thought these few simple words would become something I have to live by for the rest of my college life. Adjusting to college life was hard but life’s hard so I just have to suck it up and make the best of it. The thing that I miss most besides the comfort of home, was the warmth of a family. Making friends is never an easy task and I’m not exactly the master at leaving a good first good impression. Luckily everyone I met were friendly and easy to talk to.

I guess everyone felt lonely and needed a friend. Everyone’s searching for comfort, for that sense of security so any sort interaction would be welcomed. Or is it just me? Anyway, I’m settling into college life and being away from my family pretty well. I mean, I still feel lively enough to blog.

By the way, I finally met my roommate 2 days ago. And she looks nothing like the roommate that I predicted. Well, first of all, she’s not square and she’s not a rock star (not that I know of) and she doesn’t shave her own head. So I can safely say that there won’t be much Britney drama going on in my life. Instead, she’s a nice girl and even comes from the same state as me!

I’ll update more about my new life in college and hopefully something interesting happens so I can blog about it.


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