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Let’s be roomies!

Another two more days and I’ll be off to college. Whoo! I’m ecstatic but nervous at the same time cause everything is so unpredictable. I’m wondering how my room will look like, what the hell am I suppose to eat if I’m not allowed to cook and most of all who will my roommate be? Will she like me? What if she turns out to be a total jerk? What if she thinks I’m a total jerk? What if…what if…well the list can go on and on.

So since I have no way of predicting who my roommate will be, I compiled a short list of celebrities that I would like to room with, judging on their personality, hotness level and how much I’ll benefit from rooming with them.

1. Jess from The Veronicas

Jess is my favourite between the twins (obviously) cause she looks good playing the guitar and she looks like she could kick any bully’s ass if there’s trouble. Plus, I like her blazer.

2. Hayley Williams from Paramore

Love her songs. Love her voice. Love her hair. Love her T-shirts, too. Nuff’ said.

3. Ryan Ross from Panic!At The Disco

He’s super cuteness is all the reason I need as to why he’ll make a perfect roommate. Ok, other reasons include we get to spend lots of time together and get to know each other and eventually fall madly in love (haha, wishful thinking).

4. Ed Westwick (Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl)

What can I say? I have an obsession with Ed. He’s just so gorgeous. I won’t have a dull moment in college if we were roommates. Plus I get to watch him sleep like an angel every night, watch him do his homework, go through his dirty laundry and…Okay, I’ll stop here, I sound like a stalker.

5. Spongebob Squarepants

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Spongebob Squarepants! I know, I’m a dork but who could resist that cute face? Spongebob’s happy-go-lucky attitude can cheer me up any day. He’s nice, funny and can make some delicious looking crabby patties.

6. Gackt

Just because…drool

7. Britney Spears

I just want to figure her out. Plus the publicity I’ll be getting by rooming with her won’t hurt either. She can probably give me a few tips on how to shave my head if I have some incurable scalp condition or how to lip sing.

8. Bumblebee from Transformers

Who wouldn’t appreciate a roommate who could transform into a stunning mustang and drive you around? Since I won’t have a car in college, I figured the next best thing is to have a robot roomie who could double as your transport vehicle. Not to mention with the increasing fuel prices, bumblebee who I assume runs on its own energy of some sort and not fuel will come in handy in more ways than one.

So based on the list I made, I have come to the comclusion that my ideal roommate will be a square rock star, is both male and female, wears nice shirts and cute clazers, plays guitar, wears make-up, shaves own head, tends to go commando in public and can transform into a car.  

Now, I’ll just have to wait and see if my roomie will fit into all the descriptions above.


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  1. hahah i totally agree with your list of roomies. especially spongebob,britney and bumblebee! i love him

    Comment by Bernice | July 3, 2008

  2. I totally agree, haha. Good luck with the quality match.

    Comment by Rem | July 9, 2009

  3. Uh, Bumblebee transforms into a Chevy Camaro NOT a Ford Mustang.

    Comment by ZH | July 16, 2009

  4. Agree with 1, 2, 3 (he’s so cute!!!!), 5 and 8 (epic)!
    I’d laugh if your roommate turned out to be one of them XD

    Do you mind if I use your Hayley Williams picture?

    Comment by J. | June 20, 2010

  5. Sure, you can use Hayley’s pic, I actually took it from some random site too 😀

    Comment by irisinc | June 22, 2010

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