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My Newest Fav Guilty Pleasure – Gossip Girl

To many people, Gossip Girl (which airs on Malaysian TV’s Channel 8 ) is sooo bad that its good. With reviews like that, I can’t help but be curious about the show so I started watching it a month ago and found it to be simply addictive. I get why some people think the show is dumb or a waste of time since its just a show about the glamorous lives of the New York elite and doesn’t deliver any important message or values other than how friends can turned into back-stabbing bitches in the blink of an eye. But for some reason, I find myself drawn to the show and it’s various gorgeous and most of the time superficial characters. The idea of a anonymous blogger aka gossip girl constantly blogging bout your daily activities and naughty deeds seemed interesting to me. Not to mention the beautiful cast doesn’t hurt to look at either no matter how predictable and cliche the story lines can get sometimes.

I’m especially hooked on Nate and resident bad boy, Chuck. But who isn’t anyway. But if I have to choose, I would definitely go for Chuck. He’s bad boy attitude is soooo sexy and I just want him to take me for the adventure of a lifetime. It was so cute when he felt for Blair cause that sensitive side of him just made him all the much hotter.

Another reason I tuned into the show is because I always want to know what fashion Blair Waldorf will be spotting next. She’s such a trend setter and I like her elegant and chic sense of style.

Without Blair and Chuck, I probably wouldn’t even watch the show cause the other characters seem kinda boring though and watching Serena and Dan being all touchy feely around each other so much is starting to make me sick. So thanks to Blair and Chuck Gossip Girl has become my latest obsession and to prove that I really like watching the show I even introduced it to my friends. I just wish that they’ll add more scenes for Chuck and break up Serena and Dan already.


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