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To Bring or Not to Bring

I have been busy preparing for college ever since I received my jpa acceptance letter. After opening a new bank account and doing my medical check-ups (eww, urine test), I can say I’m almost ready for the college life but there’s just one major thing that’s bothering me-I don’t know what to pack. Seriously, I thought it was easy, I mean how hard could it be to pack my clothes in a bag. Then it hit me that I’m not packing for some vacation, I’m packing for college. At least one and a half years in college so its important I have everything I need. My parents won’t stop asking me whether or not I’ve started packing even though I still have 3 weeks left before I have to leave. So I did my research on the Internet bout stuff that I need to bring and stuff that I should just leave behind. Then I decided to make up a list of things that I should bring to college.

Irisinc’s essential college stuff:

1. Laptop – It doesn’t need any explanation. everybody just needs one.

2. Printer – Useful for printing assignments, plus I got one free from purchasing my laptop so might as well bring it to college.

3. Thumb drive – The more the better for storing data.

4. Portable speakers – I like my music loud.

5. Headphones – Just in case my roommate doesn’t like my music loud.

6. Guitar – Nothing helps me release more stress then jamming on my guitar. Plus I could probably start a band in college and be like totally cool.

7. Tennis racket – There’s a tennis court where I’m staying so better make use of it.

8. My jewellery box – A girl needs her accessories.

9. Dictionary – To help me figure out those complicated words in English class.

10. Stationary – That includes pens, notebooks, highlighters and other related stuff.

11. Backpack – I’m yet to find one that suits me.

12. Hygiene products – Who wants to smell gross?

13. Alarm clock – Being late on the first day, not cool.

14. Food – Oatmeal, energy bars, energy drinks and of course lots and lots of maggi mi.

15. Clothes – I’m not a big fan of nudity.

16. Iron – Preferably the ones that can spray water.

17. Towels, bedsheets, pillows and hangers – My college won’t provide us any

18. Bowls, mugs, containers – Make sure they’re microwaveable

19. Calculator – Not sure if I’ll be taking Maths but better be prepared than sorry.

20. Cook book – I’m so not eating Maggi mi everyday, no matter how much I like it.

21. Batteries and flash light – Even though KL is not like our Sandakan Nature City always ‘mati karan’ but you’ll never know when you’ll need it.

22. Umbrella – You can sing Rihanna’s Umbrella while you’re using it and no one can call you crazy.

23. Duct tape – I’m not sure what it’s for but I bet it’ll come in handy somehow.

Well that’s all so far, I’m sure they’re lots of other things that I missed so feel free to leave me a comment. Oh I just remembered, bring a cell phone along to call the ‘rents and your friends, but who doesn’t have one these days anyway.


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  1. Hey dear old fren,

    I think you might as well bring the whole house,just in case you needed the toilet,room,bolster and whatsoever.

    Comment by Old buddy,Nicole | June 20, 2008

  2. yeah.. i agreee… WAHAHAHAHHA!!!!

    Comment by weefong | June 22, 2008

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