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Girl + Braces = Nerd

Do people who wear braces always get stereotyped as a nerd? I can’t help noticing how when people on television try to describe a nerd, the line always go something like this: “you know, he/she had this weird out-dated haircut, braces, stupid clothes and so on…”. When I told my friends that I wanted to get braces they said that I’ll look like a nerd too.

That didn’t bother me much until I got my braces fixed 2 months ago. The second I came out of the dentist’s room, shrieks of terror where coming out of my sister and brother’s mouth and my mom told me I looked like Frankenstein. Well at least looking like Frankenstein is better than looking like a nerd, or is it? I don’t know, I was just concentrating on how to close my mouth with pieces of metal glued to my teeth. When I got home and looked into the mirrow, a certain someone immediately popped into my mind.

Oh My Gosh! I looked like Ugly Betty! I was shocked at our resemblance once I had my braces on. I’m going to college soon and how the hell am I going to make friends if I look like that. I adore Betty and I love the show and stuff but everyone knows that Betty doesn’t look like that in real life. Who would want to be friends with someone who looks like Ugly Betty? Anyone who watches the show knows how bad Betty got treated by her co-workers because of her appearance.

But it was too late to change my mind, I paid 3000 ringgit to get these braces and I’m not wasting the money no matter how nerdy I look. I mean it’s only for a year or two, right? So to cheer myself up, I looked up a bunch of celebrities who wore braces and still looked good. It was also my attempt to prove to myself that braces do not make you nerdy.

Cindy Crawford wore braces and she looked good wearing it.

Anna Kournikova wore them when she was younger and I don’t think she looked like a nerd.

Even Gwen Stefani wore braces. Okay, she doesn’t look that good in this picture but she looks hot now.

So braces does not make a person look nerdy, in some cases. But I still can’t wait to get mine off cause the ulcers I get on my lips are really annoying. I better have straight gorgeous teeth by then or else all the sacrifices I made would be worth nothing.

Dear lord, may my teeth be this beautiful when I remove my braces in a year.


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My Newest Fav Guilty Pleasure – Gossip Girl

To many people, Gossip Girl (which airs on Malaysian TV’s Channel 8 ) is sooo bad that its good. With reviews like that, I can’t help but be curious about the show so I started watching it a month ago and found it to be simply addictive. I get why some people think the show is dumb or a waste of time since its just a show about the glamorous lives of the New York elite and doesn’t deliver any important message or values other than how friends can turned into back-stabbing bitches in the blink of an eye. But for some reason, I find myself drawn to the show and it’s various gorgeous and most of the time superficial characters. The idea of a anonymous blogger aka gossip girl constantly blogging bout your daily activities and naughty deeds seemed interesting to me. Not to mention the beautiful cast doesn’t hurt to look at either no matter how predictable and cliche the story lines can get sometimes.

I’m especially hooked on Nate and resident bad boy, Chuck. But who isn’t anyway. But if I have to choose, I would definitely go for Chuck. He’s bad boy attitude is soooo sexy and I just want him to take me for the adventure of a lifetime. It was so cute when he felt for Blair cause that sensitive side of him just made him all the much hotter.

Another reason I tuned into the show is because I always want to know what fashion Blair Waldorf will be spotting next. She’s such a trend setter and I like her elegant and chic sense of style.

Without Blair and Chuck, I probably wouldn’t even watch the show cause the other characters seem kinda boring though and watching Serena and Dan being all touchy feely around each other so much is starting to make me sick. So thanks to Blair and Chuck Gossip Girl has become my latest obsession and to prove that I really like watching the show I even introduced it to my friends. I just wish that they’ll add more scenes for Chuck and break up Serena and Dan already.

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To Bring or Not to Bring

I have been busy preparing for college ever since I received my jpa acceptance letter. After opening a new bank account and doing my medical check-ups (eww, urine test), I can say I’m almost ready for the college life but there’s just one major thing that’s bothering me-I don’t know what to pack. Seriously, I thought it was easy, I mean how hard could it be to pack my clothes in a bag. Then it hit me that I’m not packing for some vacation, I’m packing for college. At least one and a half years in college so its important I have everything I need. My parents won’t stop asking me whether or not I’ve started packing even though I still have 3 weeks left before I have to leave. So I did my research on the Internet bout stuff that I need to bring and stuff that I should just leave behind. Then I decided to make up a list of things that I should bring to college.

Irisinc’s essential college stuff:

1. Laptop – It doesn’t need any explanation. everybody just needs one.

2. Printer – Useful for printing assignments, plus I got one free from purchasing my laptop so might as well bring it to college.

3. Thumb drive – The more the better for storing data.

4. Portable speakers – I like my music loud.

5. Headphones – Just in case my roommate doesn’t like my music loud.

6. Guitar – Nothing helps me release more stress then jamming on my guitar. Plus I could probably start a band in college and be like totally cool.

7. Tennis racket – There’s a tennis court where I’m staying so better make use of it.

8. My jewellery box – A girl needs her accessories.

9. Dictionary – To help me figure out those complicated words in English class.

10. Stationary – That includes pens, notebooks, highlighters and other related stuff.

11. Backpack – I’m yet to find one that suits me.

12. Hygiene products – Who wants to smell gross?

13. Alarm clock – Being late on the first day, not cool.

14. Food – Oatmeal, energy bars, energy drinks and of course lots and lots of maggi mi.

15. Clothes – I’m not a big fan of nudity.

16. Iron – Preferably the ones that can spray water.

17. Towels, bedsheets, pillows and hangers – My college won’t provide us any

18. Bowls, mugs, containers – Make sure they’re microwaveable

19. Calculator – Not sure if I’ll be taking Maths but better be prepared than sorry.

20. Cook book – I’m so not eating Maggi mi everyday, no matter how much I like it.

21. Batteries and flash light – Even though KL is not like our Sandakan Nature City always ‘mati karan’ but you’ll never know when you’ll need it.

22. Umbrella – You can sing Rihanna’s Umbrella while you’re using it and no one can call you crazy.

23. Duct tape – I’m not sure what it’s for but I bet it’ll come in handy somehow.

Well that’s all so far, I’m sure they’re lots of other things that I missed so feel free to leave me a comment. Oh I just remembered, bring a cell phone along to call the ‘rents and your friends, but who doesn’t have one these days anyway.

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