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Don’t mess with the orphans

So I just watched a Spanish horror movie titled The Orphanage with my chicken-hearted siblings and damn, it was scary. Throughout the whole movie, I was resisting the urge to cover my face with a pillow and my sister’s constant screaming didn’t help calm my nerves either. But I managed to watch the movie til it’s end and live through to blog about it (hmm, kinda dramatic, i know).

The horror was expected since it is a horror movie after all and has a dark, scary title, The Orphanage. I don’t know why but there seems to be an eerie aura round each orphanage or maybe it’s just me being stupid. But seriously, it’s a great movie and it doesn’t even matter if you don’t speak Spanish. There aren’t many long and winding dialogues in the movie so having to read the sub-titles is not a problem at all. The movie centers round Laura, an ex-orphan who was adopted at a young age. She decided to buy the old orphanage which she used to live in and turn it into her home/care-center for ‘special’ children with her husband and HIV positive adopted son, Simon. All is well and happy for the family of three until Simon starts befriending a bunch of imaginary kids, six to be exact. These imaginary friends like playing games (like any other normal children who aren’t invincible) and one day their little games made Simon disappear. Okay, this movie is way too long for me to blog in detail so I’ll just cut straight to the point. Warning, spoilers ahead!!!

Laura and her husband, Carlos searched for Simon for nine months and still ended up with no lead to where Simon could be. Laura knew that Simon’s imaginary friends who are really orphan ghosts took Simon away since she saw one in her house the day Simon disappeared. The one she saw had the body of a child but wore a sack over his head. Later on, it is known that the sack wearing kid is Tomas, whose face was disfigured. Laura invites some ghost voodoo lady to help her communicate with the little orphans in her house. And blah blah blah, it turns out that Tomas’s mom was once a worker in the orphanage. The other five kids played a trick on Tomas which resulted in his death. His mom then poisoned these rascals in the name of revenge so they’ve been wandering in the orphanage ever since. The five kids turned out to be Laura’s pals when she was still in the orphanage and no one actually abducted Simon. He was just accidentally locked up in a secret basemen under their house/creepy orphanage which just so happens to be Tomas’s room. So in the end, Laura found Simon, dead and dry and killed herself by overdosing on some meds which I take to be anti-depressants. She ends up taking care of Simon and the other six orphans in the afterlife. The End. Phew.

So I know it may not sound very interesting and spooky (blame it on my lousy skill on movie reviewing) but go check out the movie, it’s not one to be missed especially if you’re a horror fan. And one more thing, what’s up with kids and their imaginary friends who mostly turn out to be spirits of some sort. I mean this isn’t the first movie to play on a child’s imaginary friends, remember Hide and Seek and The Others. I personally never had any imaginary friends even if I was lonely in my first five years as the only child so I wonder are these imaginary friends really made up or are some kids actually communicating with the spirits around us. Some people are said to be born with what the Chinese like to call ‘the third eye’. And if these kids really do have the sixth sense and are communicating with ghost then jeez I really have to think twice bout having kids one day. So what if you have children and they happen to have imaginary friends??? I think the best advice is just remember to never invite or let your children invite their imaginary friends into the house, especially if your children describes them as mask-wearing, dagger carrying friends.




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  1. the picture looks so scary and the ‘toy’ izzit?? or wad??? XD~ ok.. the toy.. the toy looks lonely oso… macam tiada kawan saja..

    Comment by jane | June 4, 2008

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