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Key to success – Let ’em ‘touch ur body’

Can u imagine a 14 year old dressed like that?!

It was a sad sad day when they said Mariah Carey’s latest hit ‘Touch my body’ reached number 1 on the billboard countdown. By the way, ‘touch my body’, very original song title, hmm. I mean I’d expect the slutty lyrics and the at least pg-13 videos from her but people actually liking the song, now that was a BIG surprise. Of course the song wouldn’t be a flop counting on Mariah Carey’s fame and ability to pull off impossibly high notes but for the song to actually reach number 1 made question marks pop round my head. I thought we were more civilized and cultured now and people are generally more deep and educated than to be fascinated by women with fake bouncy breast running around wearing lingerie. Well, I’m clearly mistaken. It’s pretty obvious that SEX STILL SELLS!!! How naive I can be sometimes.

Knowing this, I felt terribly sorry for all those brave and smart feminist who fought for women’s rights and gender equality. I wonder if they would be rolling around in their graves if they knew the degradding videos that are being streamed on television right now. All those years of struggle and sacrifice to make the world see and acknowledge women as individuals who are just as capable, if not more capable than men are being kicked to the curb like a piece of worthless history. Do the efforts of those great, respectable women before us mean nothing to the world today? Women of the past fought to be treated as human beings and not as sex objects yet women of today are promoting themselves just as what men used to think they are, breeding mates (eww…). We talk about advancements all the time in different fields like medicine, communications, space technology blah blah blah, yet when it comes to women we are declining back into the days where an educated and opinionated woman was frown upon. Music videos show women dancing like sex-crazed monkeys around men, acting more like an accessory than an actual human being with brains.

I think this situation is quite confusing for kids, especially growing girls. On one side, parents and Oprah (love her) are teaching them to have self-respect and all the good stuff, but on the other side the media is broadcasting videos like touch my body and making Mariah Carey sound so cool for flashing her body provocatively and inviting guys to fill her up. Of course Mariah Carey is just one of the many artiste today who use sex appeal rather than real good music to sell albums.

This also shows that men’s thinking haven’t changed much since the cavemen era. Sex is still a priority and cheap, skanky, brainless whores are still the chicks they dig. No wonder why some girls act dumb to impress guys. The fight to change people’s views towards women will forever go on and sadly it won’t be any easier with celebrity’s singing about how great it is to be a slut. But thankfully there are an increasing number of celebrity’s promoting more positive messages for the kids out there. We need more inspirational people to look up to, someone with dignity, self-respect, integrity and brains and not some dumb bimbo rolling around half-naked on the beach.

With more and more Mariahs popping up on tv everyday, I just hope that 5 years from now, girls in kindergarden won’t start listing being a ‘playboy playmate’ as their ambition. Now THAT would definitely be a shocker.



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  1. mariah carey only sell her bosy.. nt her voice or song… album cover pun macam promoting her prostitute service… better take off all her clothes den make it the front cover of her album la… chicken..hahahah!! den those hopeless guys will buy album juz becoz of her naked body..=x

    Comment by Jane | May 16, 2008

  2. the MV of the song macam bodoh bodoh… i dun like the MV.. song is ok la…

    Comment by Jane | May 26, 2008

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