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Ask your girlfriends what they look for in a guy and 9 out of 10 would probably list sweet and sensitive as one of the criterias for their perfect man. Every girl wants a guy who listens to her, whispers sweet words to her ear and be all romantic and stuff. This fact is so obvious that the guys know it too. Some guys take advantage of this and pretend to be this superficial Romeo just to get into girls’ pants but there are some guys who sincerely try to be sweet and sensitive to win over the heart of the girl he fancies. I gotta give credit to these guys for trying to be the best boyfriends they can be, only sometimes they can go way overboard in their attempts.

First dates are stressful enough, even more when the guy tells you how much he likes you during it. Don’t get me wrong, its nice to know the person you’re with likes you a lot but its just the first date and we’re still trying to get to know you better then decide whether or not we really like you. So telling a girl you like her over and over again on the first date is stressing, its as though you’re trying to say ‘Don’t say you don’t think we’ll make a good couple cause I like you A LOT so don’t break my heart’. See the thing is, if she already agreed to go out with you in the first place, chances are she does like you even if its just a little so don’t push her or stress her out by telling her how into her you are. But on the other hand, telling a girl how much you enjoyed your time together and that you would like to do it again after the date would be great.

Then there are guys who practice self pity to impress girls. Seriously, DROP THE ACT!!! Gosh, who on earth would be attracted to a guy who thinks he’s dumb, ugly, poor and just not worth it. Sure, you may think you sound humble or maybe you’re trying to make girls feel guilty for not dating you thus resulting in your crappy condition. But just like guys (smart guys at least) girls look for someone who’s confident and sure of themselves, but not in a cocky way of course. It is understandable if someone feels insecure in a relationship or like they can’t match up to their partner but sulking about it all the time just isn’t cool. Oprah once said to Halle Berry that ‘there is no love without integrity” and I can’t agree more.


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  1. Iris, i think you are getting more expert in this. HAHA.anyway, i really agree to it. Guys, guys, guys….

    Comment by Celestine | May 10, 2008

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